Ax-ium is Something New in Social Media:

Our Principals

Practice Good Manners, which means:

EVERYONE CAN be polite to each other, no matter what your political views. We are all children of God. We may have different faiths and political views. BUT the main truth that transcends all faiths and views is “Love your Neighbor”

This is NOT a place to directly criticize other people to their face. This is a place for positivity. If you don’t have something nice to say, don’t say it at all.

Allowing all points of view to be discussed in a way to respect all people. Opinions can be shared without “Making it Personal”.

Free Speech Always:

We are an open forum for free speech. AND the sharing of ALL information, so YOU can have the whole picture. Connect with friends and family and get informed at the same time.

Criticism of political views are ALWAYS allowed (Don’t make it personal). Alternate opinions on politics allowed, but MUST be non-violent or confrontational in nature.